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July 23, 2014
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Local Election Results

Newly Elected Officers of the Charlotte Area Local 

Rick Parrish- President

Melissa Baldwin- Secretary-Treasurer

Andrew Ringler- Clerk Craft Director

Venus Abaoag-Smith- Assistant Clerk Craft Director

Rodney Huntley- Maintenance Craft Director

Jesse Benton- Assistant Maintenance Craft Director

Milton Clyburn- MVS Craft Director

Ron Davis- Assistant MVS Craft Director

Debra Geter- Organization Director

Rosemary Gladden- Human Relations Director

Cindy Foster- Legislative Director

Carol Bishop- Director of Research & Education

Linda Butler- Health Plan Director

The officers were duly elected and were administered the Oath of Office on May 17, 2014 by NBA Bob Bloomer.

Contact information will be added to the Officers & Staff tab at the top of the web site in the coming weeks.


CILO Payment

CILO Payment Update

If you received the prior $408.00 you will be receiving $339.32 when processed by postal management.

If you had your $408.00 payment processed but not paid, the employer has resubmitted that money and they will be submitting an additional $339.32.

If you were asked to provide information because we didn't have you on our list you will receive $747.32.

Management has the full list and is submitting names. Thanks for your understanding.


Day of Action


National Day of Action

April 24, 2014

11:00am – 1:00pm

Downtown Post Office

201 N. McDowell St

Charlotte, NC 28204

President Dimondstein has called for a National Day of Action to protest the shifting of our craft work to Staples. Our national union is willing to discuss the offering of these services in Staples stores; however the work must be done by qualified postal employees. Customers should be assured that the mail received at a Staples store receives the same security as all other mail introduced into the postal system, which simply isn’t the case at a Staples store.

We have chosen this high profile location after consultation with our national union because of the inability to interact with Staples customers based on the location of the stores. I ask that you come out and join us and walk the line in an effort to stop the privatization of our window services. We welcome all of our brothers and sisters from all the other postal unions to join us this day.

Please take the time to walk thirty minutes to help stop privatization!


Agreement Could Lead to Conversions

An Agreement on filling residual vacancies has been reached at the national level. I have attached the Agreement and provided a link to the News Bulletin. The Charlotte Area Local has a complete list of all residuals in all crafts. We will ensure compliance with the Agreement and are encouraged it will lead to PTF conversions and PSE conversion to career status. Good job on the part of President Dimonstein who spoke of the Agreement when he addresed the Executive Board after our last union meeting.

Web link to News Bulletin:

LeRoy Moyer, General President

Download: Agreement.pdf

National Day of Action

National Day of Action 
To Stop Staples Set for April 24

APWU Web News Article #050-14, March 11, 2014

Send Staples a message.

The APWU has announced a National Day of Action on April 24 to protest the sweetheart deal between the USPS and Staples that puts postal retail operations in Staples stores — and staffs them with low-wage, high-turnover Staples employees.

“We are asking APWU members and supporters to mark their calendars and hold April 24 for a National Day of Action to protest the privatization of postal retail services,” said APWU President Mark Dimondstein.  “This deal threatens the nation’s public Postal Service and thousands of postal jobs,” he said.

“We support the expansion of customer access to USPS services, but we insist that postal work must be performed by uniformed postal workers who have passed a background check, taken an oath of office, and are accountable to the people,” he added.

The union will organize protests outside Staples stores in cities across the country and invite customers and supporters to attend, he said. Workers and supporters who are unable to attend will be asked to engage in other activities, such as signing petitions and sending text messages. More details will follow.

“We’ve had large, sustained protests in California and Atlanta, and hundreds of locals delivered letters to Staples management objecting to the deal,” Dimondstein noted, “but we must keep up the pressure.”


New Postal Password

New password system

Longer password to replace employee PIN online

New Password

In the coming months, employees will begin using a password to access the USPS LiteBlue website and online self-service applications such as PostalEASE, eCareer, ePayroll, eJob Bidding and eOPF.

Currently, employees use their Employee Identification Numbers (EINs) and 4-digit Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) to access LiteBlue and a range of online self-service USPS applications. That will change, starting in April, when Human Resources and IT launch a new online program to help each employee create a stronger password, 8-16 characters in length.

“The change of the password length is being made to enhance the protection around your personal information and to add complexity to the process for anyone trying to impersonate you,” said Corporate Information Security Officer Chuck McGann.

“Moving to an 8-character complex password provides a significant increase in protection for you as employees and your information,” added McGann. “As always, review your accounts often to verify any changes and change your password if you have any concerns about its security.”

In the coming weeks, USPS will mail instructions to create the new passwords to each employee’s address of record. By the end of April, employees will need their new passwords as well as their EINs to access LiteBlue and all online self-service applications.

The current EINs and 4-digit USPS PINs will remain the same.

Employees conducting self-service HR transactions over the telephone (not online) will continue using their current 4-digit USPS PINs and EINs


Admin Leave Approved


For the first time that anyone can remember we have been able to negotiate administrative leave for the recent snow storm. We continue to work out the details and management is compiling information about who called off and who worked. They will be reviewing the time records from the P&DC and L&DC and then Customer Service operations next. It will take some time to review the time records.

The employer has agreed that APWU represented people who couldn’t report on Wednesday T-3 or who were sent home early from T-2 operations because service was suspended will be included.

T-1, T-2 and T-3 on Thursday will also be included.

T-1 on Friday will also be included.

The employer will also be granting (1) day of administrative leave for those people that made it to work during the period of T-1 Wednesday through T-1 Friday. One day not a day for each day you made it to work.

If you called in sick you were sick and couldn’t make an attempt to get to work and won’t be included.

If you called in for multiple days, such as you called on Wednesday for two days, you will not be included for the second day, since you can’t assume an attempt was made to report for work.

Management has agreed to compile the list and provide to us and their rationale for including/excluding someone. We have reserved the right to file a grievance on any remaining disputes and have agreed to extend time limits until we have reviewed all the information.

I would like to thank Angela Curtis, District Manager, Sandy Wyrick, Senior Plant Manager and Wes Wiles, Postmaster (A) for considering our input and making this decision locally in lieu of waiting years for the issue to be resolved in arbitration.

LeRoy Moyer, General President


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